Different Ways To Get Bailed Out Of Jail

Ways To Get Bailed Out Of Jail

Needing to be bailed out of jail is not something that people want to happen frequently. Unfortunately, going to jail is a thing that does happen to some people. When you find yourself in prison, you may be wondering how you’ll be able to get out. The most common way is to be bailed out. Being bailed out means that you pay a certain amount of money and are released until you have court hearings.

One of the most common ways to get out of jail is by using a bail bondsman. This is a person or business that will pay the amount of the bail and charge a fee to do so. When you contact a bail bondsman, the bondsman will research the inmate to decide whether they are willing to bond them out of jail or not. If a person has a past of missing court dates, it may be harder to find a bondsman. Once the bail bondsman has done the research, they will require either a friend or family member to pay a fee to them. This fee can either be paid in cash or collateral.

Another way for an inmate to get out of jail is by merely posting the bail amount on their own. Bail can cost from the thousands to higher depending on the income of the inmate and the charges. Typically, an arrested person doesn’t tend to have the cash just laying around to post bail. The person can ask friends or family to post bail for them. If you do not have the money for bail, you can use the property to pay for the bail. This can include a home or land lot. A lot of times, an inmate won’t have the bail money, won’t be able to get it, and doesn’t have someone willing to use their property for the bail. In cases such as this, a bail bondsman usually is used as the fee usually is only around ten percent of the total bail amount.

Lastly, a person can be released on their recognizance. This means that the inmate is released without needing to post bail, but the average terms still apply. This means that the person will need to show up to court when required. When you’re released on your recognizance, the judge has decided that you don’t seem like much of a risk. To do this, your judge will evaluate your past offenses, family support, if you contribute to society, and if you’re employed. The judge has full discretion to decide whether to release someone on their recognizance or not.

Getting out of jail can seem quite complicated if you’ve never had to deal with it before. Luckily, there are a few ways that will allow you to be released from jail until your court date. Having many ways to be bailed out of jail means that you’ll be able to get back out into the world. And back into your routine.